Our mission as a company is unlocking human potential to provide a healthy, relaxing and stress-free experience that is entirely suited to our individual clients. We achieve this by providing the best care on the Sunshine Coast, led by a team of specialists across various wellness disciplines. We help you to achieve emotional, physical and mental well-being and assist in realignment of your health and fitness goals by adopting healthy alternatives and routines to improve your mood and energy levels.

We offer a tailored program for our customers to achieve excellence that keep you at the top of your game. The next level experience and environment to support their personal efforts to keep their minds and bodies active, healthy, and happy. We integrate our services with the best holistic practices to help you achieve your goals to their full potential.

At Stay Elite, we prioritise self-care to help you attain the best version of yourself. We offer a wide range of healing services to help you free yourself from the harmful effects of a busy life.

We strive to minimise our footprint on the ecosystem of our beautiful planet and avoid the use of harmful chemicals in our treatments and cleaning procedures. This enables us to minimise exposure of toxins to our clients. We use organic and natural products in our cleaning regimen to maintain health standards and put the safety of our clients first.

We are able to customise our services to suit your specific needs. So why hesitate? Contact Stay Elite today to secure your appointment. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Meet Troy Payne

Troy is a Sunshine Coast native (well close enough) and grew up in a super pink household with his parents and 3 sisters.

Always going at 100%, Troy completed his Diploma in Remedial Massage 2002 (taught by the amazing Margaret Wright, a Massage pioneer and healer Founding QSMI ). Also trained by Allan in the incredible Niblett Technique, attaining his Diploma of Excellence as well as his Trainers License to Allan handing him the Authority to do as he pleases.

He’s a specialist in sports and massage therapies, has mastered the techniques, and developed a lot of new techniques over a period of some 20-years experience in sporting associations and therapeutic practice in Australia.

Along his 20 plus year journey, Troy has treated and worked with some of the best, including:

  • British Lions Rugby Union Team

  • Australian champion tennis star Pat Rafter

  • Australian Wallabies Rugby Union team member Superstar Kurtley Beale

  • Australian Olympic Team soft tissue Therapist Bernd Adolph

  • V8 Supercar Royalty Dick Johnson

  • 3-time World Champion Body Boarder Kira Lewelly

  • Champion Boxer Israel Kani

  • Local Soccer Talent Tyson Holmes and the Sunshine Coast Fire Soccer Team

  • Professional Woodchopper David Foster

  • Legendary Mums and Dads

  • Budokan International’s Current World Chief Instructors Wayne Macdonald and Brett Boots

  • Legendary Ironman Champion Barry Newman JUST TO NAME A FEW!

Now, having established The Payne Relief Method™ and The Massage College, Troy has taken wellness and relaxation to the next level by giving you Stay Elite™.