Private Steam Rooms

Had a rough week at work?  Aching after that tough match? Want More out of your workouts.  Our Private Steam Infusions™ helps reduce pain and preserve muscle strength. The heat soothes nerve endings and relaxes the muscles to aid in your recovery. 

Stay Elite helps you forget the hassles and stresses of daily life through our refreshing steam infusion therapy. It is the perfect way to unwind and relax before enjoying a cup of tea post-massage, all set to tackle your busy schedule. The Private Steam Infusion with the aromatherapy and colour therapy truly is a compliment to any of the services at Stay Elite Sunshine Coast, and we definitely recommend after a massage treatment for even more rapid results.

Our beautiful rooms include optional aroma and light therapy which can be customised to your needs. 

Traditional Dry Finnish Sauna

The Dry Finnish Sauna uses dry heat energy, resulting in profuse sweating, intense cleansing of the body, and detoxification through the pores.

A visit to our authentic traditional dry finnish sauna will give help you attain total relaxation. All the elements of the Finnish sauna are designed bearing in mind the benefits and relief they will bring to the users.

The dry heat that comes from scorching rocks will help you soothe, relax, and achieve better overall health and mental well-being. You can follow the sauna with an Ice Bath or cold shower to facilitate circulation, stimulate your body, and lower your body temperature.

Turkish Steam Bath

We take pride in offering the largest Turkish bath facility on the entire Sunshine Coast. Our Turkish bath therapy is designed to enhance muscle recovery, alleviate muscle tension, reduce stress, promote deep relaxation, and improve sleep quality and duration. Our treatment also has skin-brightening and softening effects, improves blood circulation, aids in toxin elimination, and reduces cellulite. The Turkish steam room provides beneficial effects for the body, mind, and soul.
With a temperature set around 44°C and humidity reaching up to 100%, this hydrotherapy method is effective in detoxification and rejuvenation. Experience the refreshing and pain-relieving benefits of our Turkish steam room in promote overall skin health and appearance.